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it had to be done

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Lucifer from Supernatural + #12 for destielobessed

i was too lazy to do the holy fire i hope this is good enough eyyyyyyy ajhgaj

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We Miss Dean & Castiel! .

We’re fast approaching this year’s finale and we can’t help notice how little interaction there has been between Dean and Castiel. For many of us, their relationship is the reason why we tune in and it’s been heartbreaking seeing them reunite only to be separated over and over again all season long.

This month, the writers return to their offices to start mapping out Supernatural’s tenth season and we want to take a moment to let them know how deeply connected we feel to Dean and Castiel’s storyline, how much we love their relationship, and most importantly, how much we miss seeing them together on our screens.

Season 10 may very well be the last season of the series, so please join us in sending a postcard to the writers before it’s too late. 

We’ve helped collect artwork for you to use on the front-side of your postcards and have brainstormed some messages that may inspire you to write something meaningful on the back of your postcards.

[Edits] [Fanart] [Screencaps] [Stats & Polls] [Tumblr Posts] [Misc.]

*We have over 200+ images from over 40 fan-artists, all in 4x6 format (300 DPI) for best printing quality. :)


  1. Go to www.touchnote.com
  2. Click “sign-in” at the top.
  3. Enter this email: DeanCastielPostcard2014@gmail.com
  4. Then when prompted, enter this password: mystamps2014
  5. Once in, click on the tab “Credits”.
  6. You have the option to 1) Pay for your own card and 2) Donate credits for others to send a postcard who may not have the funds.
  7. Please do not pay with a credit card as the site may save your information. Instead, scroll down to the bottom and click the ~small text under the blue ‘Pay Now’ button that says “Pay with Paypal instead”. [+]
  8. If you can’t afford to pay for the card yourself, that’s okay. That’s why others donate.
  9. [Postcard Option #1] Click “postbox,” and scroll through the previously mailed cards to find a design you like. Then simply click “copy card” and proceed.
  10. [Postcard Option #2] Alternatively, you can send your own postcard using any image you wish by clicking “SEND A POSTCARD” at the top of the page and following a few simple steps.
  11. When prompted, select any address you wish from our address book. We have added various people from writers to producers. Your choice! :)

Repeat the process as many times you wish. If you have any questions or issues, you can send them to us [here].

We have several saved addresses in the “Address Book” on the site, too.

For those mailing through another option, addresses below:

Jeremy Carver
Supernatural c/o WB Tv,
3400 Riverside Dr 7th Fl,
Burbank, California, 91505

Robert Singer
Supernatural c/o WB TV,
3400 Riverside Dr 7th Fl,
Burbank, California, 91505

Supernatural Writers c/o Holly Ollis
4000 Warner Blvd, Bldg 140,
Burbank, CA, 91522

Additionally, you can read some sample messages if you need an idea of what to say on your postcard [here].

Anything positive you want to say about Dean/Castiel goes. This project’s main theme is simply our love for Dean and Cas. Express that however you wish while remaining polite and respectful.

Project starts today, May 8th, 2014, and will continue as long as we have fans who love Dean and Castiel and want to take the time to let TPTB know how much we miss them!

Thank you for reading! Please reblog to signal boost. :)

#supernatural #signal boost #im not really into spn anymore but they asked to use some of my fanarts for this so yeh! #if anyone wanna check it out : )