hi darlin'~ i love you <3 just thought i'd let you know 'cause i haven't said it in a little while. o uo


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52, 58, 63 and 134. ;D <3

52: When was the last time I hugged someone?

hmmmmm probably when my family left to go to my grandparent’ssss soooooooo a week ago. B)

58: What’s my strangest talent?

jfdsghj i asked daniel if he knew any strange talents i had and he said “being able to look at faces and see them part by part and noticing details in faces” this is probably because sometimes i go THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE THAT GUY and he goes I DON’T SEE IT and im like LOOK AT THE NOSE AND THE MOUTH AND THE CHIN and when he thinks people are lookalikes i’m like THAT’S NOT EVEN CLOSE???? hgsjk and also i have pointed out small details in people’s faces that he hasn’t noticed before MANY TIMES and i guess that explains THAT part of the “talent” XD

63: Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?

i do NOT believe in ghosts, but yeh i believe there are lives on other planets, i personally think it’s pretty arrogant to think we would be the only living beings in the universe. 8—)

134: What do I want for my birthday?

I WANT A DOG JUST LIKE IN MY DREAM /CRIEs/ but also… money…. a ps4….. uhmmm…. okay i haven’t really thought about what i want yet

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u 3 u (oh ho ho hello<3)

Life’s too short to even care at all
Come out tonight, are you ready to live?
What I have in me, in my mind is you
I am not a pattern to be followed
Don’t wanna be sly and defile you

((hey hEY HEYYYY! 8) <3))

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Happy Valentine's Day, darlin'<333


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ugh movies! <33 haha merry christmas!!! <3




FFFFF-- ohhh Kuma, you're too kind to me. ;-; It's nice being back on tumblr~ <3 haha spooky icons are fiine, I kind of was expecting them since it was Halloween. uwub though normal is great too. Whatever normal is. >w>bb and how is Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I haven't gotten time to check it out yet ;;;

haha yeh i wanted to join the spookiness so i changed my theme and icon and stuff, it was fun XD but i’ve decided to change it back tomorrow since halloween is over and all 8—)

oh i think it’s pretty great! i really like the characters (and well i’m a sucker for everything marvel ahahhhah), haven’t seen the latest episode yet though ‘cause i’ve had kind of a tv show-watching-block (like an art block but with watching tv shows???? jghg) and haven’t really been watching any of my shows the last week. XD i’ll continue soooooon, but yeh! if you like marvel and stuff i think you’ll like the show as well 8) hopefully jghhgjg


kuMA I'VE BEEN GONE FROM TUMBLR FOR A WHILE AND AS SOON AS I COME BACK, THE FIRST THING ON MY DASH IS ONE OF YOUR POSTS AND hiiiiiiii--- the icon gave me a heart attack ;-; (I love you Kuma)


WELCOME BACK TO THE WORLD OF WEIRDOS and akhfajghagj i’m sorry about my spooky icon, tomorrow everything will be back to shatner normal don’t worry

ILU TOO OKAY to be honest you’re one of my fav followers (((don’t tell anyone or the others might get jealous)))


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wimey replied to your photo: i wasn’t planning on jumping on the “draw disney…


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oh wooooow, so pretty! ;-; You always draw so nicely;;;; (ahhh, and you included Mulan and Pocahontas thank you thank you thank you)


(and of course, mulan and pocahontas are awesome! 8) ghhgj)

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pandalianxx replied to your photoset: the only thingggg i’m a bit sad about in…

wooow, so gorgeous! *A* Your costume is superb and those are some great photography right here ;A;

aww thank you! :—D oh and yessss elin sure is an amazing photographer!!