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Song: Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
Artist: IAMX
Album: Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction
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Your taunted charm and your broken smile
Touched me unexpectedly

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DO YOU SEE IT??? haeheh

also, callmekairi: nah it’s not stop motion, it’s more like a slideshow-kinda-thing-made-into-a-movie :) you know like the pettson & findus stories that used to be on bolibompa??

Ah ok! And yeah I see it now ;3 Can I call dibs on him??? He is so freakingly adorable!!!! Or make one for me? *making cute adorable eyes* It’s my b-day soon~ haha, nah! But dude he is super cute! Will we be able to see the film when it’s done?

well i actually didn’t make him, a girl in my group did, but i made the concept design and sew all his clothes. ;) and sorry but i’ve already called dibs on both our dolls ahahaha! >:D here’s the other one:

(he looks like he’s doing elin’s “por queeee” thing or just tasted some really good food ghgj)

and yeh i hope we’ll be posting it online somewhere when we’re done, and if possible i’ll be linking it here, so no worries! :)

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what barry does vs. what he thinks [insp]

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does this haircut make me look gay?

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The Amazing World of Gumball, The Procrastinators

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Believe not that in the land of Gondor the blood of Númenor is spent, nor all its pride and dignity forgotten.

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99% of my socks are single u don’t see them crying about it


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yo yoyo yoo

yo yoyo yoo

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im currently addicted to this song

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